About Us

Courage is victory and timidity is defeat—this is the governing principle of Prof. Nirmal Kumar Kataria, founder of AMRO MULTITRADE PVT. LTD., an academician, a sports person, a social-activist, and a man of wisdom and a leader of visionary ideas. He has the zeal, innovative mind to overcome the obstacles and challenges in every walk of life. He is not only an academician with social responsibilities but  also an extravert to the core. He is always aware about the unequal distribution of resources in society. Being a caring and sensible citizen, he knows the root cause and remedies of this situation. That’s why his fertile and innovative mind discovered the idea of giving  the  fair opportunity to every individual to get quality of life and product. Through AMRO KART.COM he wishes to make everyone able and affluent to fulfill desires and ambitions. Mr. Kataria is miraculous thinker and through AMRO KART.COM he wants to look beyond all boundaries, transcend all limitations, overcome all obstacles.

With a new perception, Prof. Kataria, invites you all to visit the AMRO KART.COM.


Today we are living in an era of globalized and liberalized economic system which is based on  Darwin’s theory -- Survival of the fittest. In such competitive time, MONEY SAVED IS MONEY  EARNED. TIME IS MONEY nowadays.  AMRO KART.COM   provides you the best quality of product at very reasonable rates. It not only save your time and energy in going market or mall but also save your hard earned money.  The AMROKART.COM   sets out to destroy all normal standards and gives you the opportunity to get the better products well in time at your doorstep.